Below are sketches (mostly of the many fishes) that I have illustrated (starting in the Fall of 2017) as an effort to become better acquainted with hand-drawn illustrations, fish identification, and for fun. Everything below will also be posted to Instagram and to Twitter. I currently have three links that will direct you to in-site galleries of my work. The first being my contributed work to the #SundayFishSketch community. The second being a gallery for my ten favorite fish sketches associated with Inktober 2018 – my first time participating! And lastly, my newest gallery, will be occupied with any anatomical sketches that may or may not be attributed to Sunday Fish Sketch. This last gallery will not be fish-centric.

I have two primary goals with these sketches. The first, somewhat selfish reason, is to track my improvement on a public forum. The second, and more important goal, is to communicate my love of fishes, their diverse morphologies and unique life histories to others, and – if you haven’t noticed from the rest of my site – my general love of anatomy.

Hope you enjoy!

Fish Sketch Gallery

Inktober 2018 Gallery

Anatomy Gallery