Making An Effort

When I first started this website, I had intended it to be little more than a hub for my photography. My images were posted to a generic page and poorly organized, my news posts were little more than ramblings and information related to sales and new images I had made, and I honestly had little to no idea what I was really wanting from a website.

Over the past two (three?) years, my abilities as a photographer and artist, as well as a scientist, have noticeably grown – if not to anyone else, then certainly to myself. I’ve taught myself new imaging techniques, I’ve picked up illustrating (albeit not quite good at it but making the effort to improve), I’ve made new contacts, I’ve began carving out a more solid niche in my own scientific community, and – perhaps most importantly – I’ve became more organized.

This website has developed in many ways since its inception back in 2016. Pages are organized, my images are neatly displayed (at least I think they are) by category and again in the order of newest in front, oldest in back, my sketches are organized by year and day of creation rather than sloppily posted in some haphazard fashion, I actually update my C.V. at least once a month, and information regarding me as a scientist can actually be found on the site now. Hell, I’ve even made a couple of figures for my own benefit that I’ve hosted here in hopes others may also benefit from them.

Point being, this site has changed a good deal, and I along with it. Something that I sincerely look forward to saying again in three years from now. I feel that it be only appropriate if I also begin using my News page for relevant … news. From presentations that I’ll be giving, to future publications, to awards when I receive them – I’ll be making my best effort to actually post information regarding me as a professional – be that as a scientist or an artist.

Thank you all for your support over the past few years and here is to another year of growing and making efforts to better improve ourselves.

-M. Chaise Gilbert