Catherine Lerose Successfully Defends UG Honors Thesis

Ms. Catherine Lerose, an undergraduate honors student that has been working with me in the Albertson Craniofacial Lab for the past two years, has successfully defended her honors thesis! Catherine, who has worked on a number of projects since first joining the lab, took interest in the bramid project we had been developing.

Catherine has been an outstanding student to work with and watch grow over the past years. Her contributions have earned her a place as a co-author on a recent paper, as well as on an upcoming manuscript (stay tuned!).

Catherine is currently looking to expand her knowledge of evolutionary theory, but also take a dive into ecology and behavior, by applying to graduate student positions.

Best of luck, Catherine, and remember that we are here for you in your journey!

Ms. Catherine Lerose proudly holding a bramid (Brama sp japonica) specimen while visiting the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology.