Ctenoid Scale from Pseudanthias squamipinnis

I found this ctenoid scale by accident and I couldn’t bring myself to simply rinse it down the drain or dispose of it. So, I imaged it as best I could and put it up on here for both my own, and everyone else’s, gratification. Enjoy!

Full Figure

Cheek Scale from <em>Pseudanthias squamipinnis</em>, a sea goldie. MC Gilbert, 2018.
Preview of a ctenoid scale taken from the cheek (just post-orbital) of Pseudanthias squamipinnis. Specimen was cleared and stained prior to scale removal.

Palatine teeth on the stripetail darter

I made a figure to help me distinguish the difference between vomerine teeth and other teeth on the roof of the mouth in darters. I hope this is helpful to others as well.

Image Page

Palatine Teeth
Preview of pterygoid and vomerine teeth in Etheostoma kennicotti, the stripetail darter. A: ventral, anterior view. Window draws attention to the location of teeth along the pterygoid process and vomer (on the roof of the mouth). B: view of palatine teeth, from ventral view. Teeth on left pterygoid process marked by the left arrow; vomerine teeth marked by the right arrow. Scales bar represents 500 µm. C: right lateral side, anterior. Window draws attention to location of palatine teeth. Scale bar represents 2 mm. D: palatine teeth at increased magnification. Teeth on left pterygoid process marked by the posterior arrow; vomerine teeth marked by the anterior arrow. Scale bar represents 500 µm.Big thanks to D Navon, D Jockel, B Richardson, RC Albertson, and S Huskey for comments and feedback. 

“The Skeleton Revealed” by Steve Huskey

I am excited to announce, and help spread the word, that Dr. Steve Huskey’s new book, “The Skeleton Revealed”, is published and now available for purchase! I had the pleasure of working with Steve when he served as one of my committee members and as a mentor during my time as a graduate student at Western Kentucky University. Steve provided me with ample opportunities to further my understanding of vertebrate anatomy, in addition to providing me with many of the specimens that you now see up on this website.

Steve’s book can be purchased through John Hopkin’s University Press, as well as on Amazon (links take you directly to the book).  For a sneak peek into the amazing skeletal displays presented in his work, visit “The Skeleton Revealed” @ .